Thursday 5 July 2007

Off Their Trolleys

The Farmers Markets, or to use the correct term Formers Morkets, are never going to make any difference to how we shop or eat. In today's indo Martina Devlin writes that she would shop at the farmers markets if only they were well run. She'd happily pay an extra 20c for organic bread. But wait a minute: have you been to a Formers Morket lately? We're not talking about 20c here. It's more like 2 euros. Clean supermarket carrot = 20c, dirty Formers Morket 60c. Little plastic (plastic mind you) pot of olives, 5 eu. Right lads. The only thing thats organic there is the piss being taken out of the monied punters. Besides, not all of the produce at these Morkets is organic. The other trouble with the Morket is time: who in God's name has time to pick up the kids on the way from work, then drive to the Morket to pick up the organic leeks? I mean, come on. No, sorry, we are not going to get to know our local producer again and we're not going to know the soiled hands that toil with our dirty carrots. Here's all I want: supermarkets that are well designed, well run, and stocked with a good variety of fresh fruit and veg - organic and otherwise. At the end of the day, the old trolley is your only man.

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