Tuesday 15 April 2008

Caricature Undrawn: China and the West

I cannot draw cartoons. But if I could here is what I'd draw:

A cartoon version of the Chinese Premier, Hu Jintao is in the centre, wearing a mischievous smile, his roguish eye looks out from the page, his face is turned to the right, fixed on a gigantic carrot that dangles before him. In small letters written on the carrot are : WTO Membership, Olympic Games, Respectability. On the left of the page, and behind Hu Jintaos back is a smug, wily diminutive figure who carries in one hand a rod from which the giant carrot dangles, and his other hand he is bringing down a feather on Hu Jintao's back. The creepy sly figure on the left has The West marked in large letters on the front of his t-shirt, and a tiny upside-down logo on the collar runs "Made in China".

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