Tuesday 18 September 2007

"Sonnano Kankeinei" arsa Bertie-san

Sonnano Kankeinei is a Japanese term I came across in a New York Times article about the Japanese prime minister who has resigned amid allegations of financial misdeeds. It means "so what? I don't care". It struck me as perfectly apt for the attitude of certain other premier who was asked about the money he admits taking from businessmen in the 90s. Far from acknowledging the damage done to his democracy by cash flowing from business to ministers, the PM in question, said if he'd known it would cause him so much grief he'd have preffered a few season tickets to his beloved Man U. No hint that he saw what was wrong in principle, he went on to ask, what was a few tens of thousands to a finance minister anyway? His way of saying Sonnano Kankeinei.

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